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Island Hopper IPA Mix Pack (12x355ml)


3 x West Coast IPA, 3 x Broken Islands Hazy IPA, 3 x Pineapple Kveik IPA, 3 x Tranquilo Mexican IPA

  • West Coast IPA (7.0% abv): With its floral aromas and flavours of citrus and pine, this beer is a toast to the West Coast Trail, our magnificent forests, and wild Pacific Ocean coastline.
  • Broken Islands Hazy IPA (6.0% abv): Like the chain of islands that inspired it, there’s something new to be discovered around every corner. With its bold citrus aromas and flavours this beer reminds us of summers on the golf islands.
  • Pineapple Kveik IPA (6.8% abv): Just like searching the shore for the perfect piece of sea glass, discovering our Pineapple Kveik IPA is an alluring find. Fresh, tropical, and vibrant; this full-bodied IPA incorporates tropical Norwegian Kveik yeast and fruit-forward hops. Look no further for your ideal summer.
  • Tranquilo Mexican IPA (6.2% abv): Whether you are taking in the Mexican heat or on the Island rocking a sweater on the beach, the first sip of a crisp beer is the ultimate indulgence. This IPA packs a clean and crisp, yet hoppy finish. Deliciously bold and bright, our Mexican Tranquilo IPA is where West Coast style IPA meets the relaxed feel of Mexico.


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