Tidal Series: Cassis & Elderflower Belgian Tripel

7.9% ABV | 20 IBU | 13 SRM

This fruity and floral beer takes inspiration from the cocktail world for a fresh take on a fruited Belgian Tripel. Dangerously drinkable and intriguingly coloured, allow yourself one last flirt with summer before sweater season arrives! Fruity, Floral, Spicy.

  • Superior Pilsner, Vienna
  • Chinook (60), Lemon Drop (dry)
  • Sucrose, Cassis Juice Concentrate, Elderflowers, Natural Flavouring. Moderately high spicy and fruity Belgian yeast character up front. Moderate cassis and berry notes with a background of low fruity elderflower. Very low lemony hop note as the beer warms. Moderately high clarity, medium pink with a very slightly pink frothy moderately sized head. Moderate retention. Flavor: Moderate spicy Belgian yeast character is nearly matched by the cassis character. The low elderflower still supports the fruity aspects of the beer. The malt character dryness is lessened by the elderflower but the moderately low hop bitterness helps keep the lingering sweetness low. The finish is dry and slightly fruity.