Summer Outpost Mix Pack

4.5-6.0% ABV | 15-57 IBU | 3-10 SRM

Fresh, fruity and fun! The Vancouver Island Brewing Summer Outpost Mix Pack contains flavours inspired by summer vibes. Best enjoyed outdoors, this case has you covered!

  • Superior Pilsner, Munich, Oats, Wheat, Crystal, Vienna, Corn (Flaked), Cara-Pils
  • Centennial (60,15,0,dry), Citra (0,dry), Idaho7 (0,dry), Galena (60), Northern Brewer (15), Magnum (60), Idaho7 (30), Chinook (60), Ahtanum (15), Amarillo (0,dry), Citra (0,dry)
  • Cerveza: Light grain and toasted corn. Moderate-low grainy malt with a low corn note. Balance is malt forward and the finish is of crisp malt and corn. Saison: Moderate sweet lychee supported by moderate-low orangey Yuzu and spicy Saison yeast phenolics. Soft grainy malt and herbal hops in background. Moderate citrusy Yuzu flavour with a medium-low sweet lychee and soft wheat note. Helles: Moderate-high blackberry dominates. Low lemony hops and grainy malt character. Medium-high blackberry fruit with low lemony-herbal hops to support. Low grainy malt in background. Hazy IPA: High citrus and fruity hops. Low bready malt. Deep gold with a substantial haze.