Port 8 Tall Can Mix Pack

2.4-6.0% ABV | 7-57 IBU | 4.5-10 SRM

Every year we make a number of one-off and seasonal brews. These are the beers that make us so excited that we have no choice but to share them with you. Seasonal Series, Tidal Series, Collaboration Series, or something new we just want to try out, you'll find it anchored here in Port 8.

  • Superior Pilsner, Wheat, Czech Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Cara-Pils, Midnight Wheat, Oats, Crystal (40, 75), Cara-Pils
  • Centennial (60), Galena (60), German Tradition (15), Northern Brewer (0,FV), Chinook (60), Ahtanum (15), Amarillo (0,dry), Citra (0,dry), Cascade (15)
  • Victoria Lager: Moderate biscuit malt. Low spicy hops. V. low sulphur. Moderate cracker and biscuit malt character. Low noble hop character. Balance is slightly toward the malt, which is apparent in the finish. Faller: Med-low bready and grainy malt character. Moderate pine and citrus hop flavors supported by moderate bready malt. Low fruity ester note. Balance is slightly hop forward and the finish is equal between citrus hops and grainy malt. Hazy IPA: High citrus and fruity hops. Low bready malt. Moderate esters. Deep gold with a substantial haze. Large white head with high retention. Grapefruit Gose: Medium-low grapefruit immediately followed by a moderate salinity and a hint of lactic acid. No hop flavour and low bitterness with a moderate-low sourness. A slight linger of lactic acid in the finish.