Tidal Series: Imperial Peach IPA

8.5% ABV | 89 IBU | 4 SRM

A summer inspired fruited Imperial IPA with a heavy dose of the white wine styled Hallertau Blanc hops. Despite the intense flavour and satisfying body, this 8.5% IPA is deceptively easy drinking. The perfect conclusion to a hot summer day spent enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Superior Pilsner, Wheat, Munich
  • Magnum (60), Centennial (15), Hallertau Blanc (0, dry), Citra (0, dry), Idaho7 (0)
  • Moderately strong grassy, white grape, and gooseberry hop notes up front. Moderate floral peach in support. Background of soft bready malts and a hint of caramel. Moderate peach is complimented by a complex hop profile boasting citrus and white grape notes. The cracker-like and slightly sweet malt profile is balanced by moderately high bitterness that leaves the beer with a decidedly hoppy and slightly bitter balance. The finish is lingering peach and herbal hop notes. Moderately low alcohol note.