Everyday Carry Mix Pack

4.8-5.4% ABV | 14-35 IBU | 7-28 SRM

Equip yourself with Vancouver Island Brewing’s legendary beers! This pack contains three styles that we’ve built our reputation on and one new taste to add to the mix. The Every Day Carry pack is ready to get it done.

  • Superior Pilsner, Crystal, Vienna, Cara-Pils, Maris Otter, Crystal (55, 25, 85), Pale Chocolate, Wheat, Midnight Wheat
  • Brewer’s Gold (60), Vanguard (60), Cascade (15), Centennial (0,dry), Galena (60), Ahtanum (30), Willamette (0), German Tradition (30), Northern Brewer (0)
  • Islander: Med-low grainy cracker malt with a low grassy hop note. Clean lager yeast character. Balance is slightly malt forward with a clean and slightly sweet finish. Faller: Moderate pine and citrus hop flavors supported by moderate bready malt. Low fruity ester note. Balance is slightly hop forward and the finish is equal between citrus hops and grainy malt. Piper's: Malty caramel in aroma with moderate earthy hop and light pear aroma. Medium hop bitterness with earthy and floral undertones. Medium maltiness with a light caramel flavour and crisp dry finish. Dominion: Medium bready malt with a touch of chocolate and roast. Low levels of herbal undertones hops. Medium hop bitterness results in a slightly malt forward balance. The finish is clean with a hint of roast.