Where Next? Part I: The Beer

News / 04.21.2017

It’s a question that Islanders ask themselves all the time: where next? It could be before a long weekend, after an exciting journey or during another great pub experience downtown. As we looked for a new direction for our 30-plus-year-old brewery, where next was the question that we kept asking ourselves. Where can we take a brewery that has seen it all — that has been in the game longer than a lot of today’s beer drinkers have been alive? Of course, there’s no simple answer but asking it is half the fun!

In an industry known for innovation and creativity, we were able to draw on our past to help us move forward. Certainly, there are many brewing trends that we could have copied, but that would have seen us following the crowd instead of blazing new trails. That’s not our style. We pioneered this industry 30 years ago, and we’re going to do it again. We want to offer something different; we want to offer something that people will reach for when they’re asking themselves “where next?”

Naturally, the beer people reach for to celebrate their adventures should be clean and drinkable, much like the beers that built Vancouver Island Brewing in the 80s. Our new lineup reflects the timeless nature of simple, sessionable beers. Although tastes have changed over time, the need for a product made with the best ingredients and utmost care has not. Our core line is built on quality and drinkability. So, we’ve made approachable styles that even the most discerning beer enthusiast can enjoy.

That said, we still intend to push the boundaries of craft beer. Just like we did with Hermannator Ice Bock all those years ago (which will be back this year!), you can expect our seasonal program to keep the same spirit. We’re investing heavily into product development through small-batch brews and have planted the seeds of a barrel room that we can’t wait to harvest in the future.

For us, this is the most exciting journey. It’s one where we can look to the past, taking lessons from the roads we’ve traveled, while still having the desire to venture off the beaten path.

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are just meeting us for the first time, we hope you’ll join us in asking — where next?

Discover the new lineup here.

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