Where Next? Part II: The Brand

News / 05.08.2017

The beer we make will always be the most important thing we do, but the brand we build should always feel important. When Vancouver Island Brewing started as a pioneer in BC craft beer, there were few players. Beer varieties were limited, and most beers sold were made and marketed by large breweries. Today, BC has a thriving and diverse craft beer industry with many great beers and breweries to be had. So for us to stand out, we need to be different.

In order to stay relevant, we recently underwent a brand overhaul. That started with doing research with our customers, consumers, and employees. We asked a simple question — what does VI mean to you? What we found was a fiercely loyal consumer base, employee group, and customer group. But all of them had trouble defining “what is Vancouver Island Brewing?”.

So what we did next was to carve out a path. And that path will always evolve because that is what craft beer is all about — discovering new paths and enjoying the journey. That idea of discovery is what brought about the question of Where Next? It tells us to never stop exploring, never stop being curious, and always appreciate the adventure of craft beer, of life, and the beautiful place we live in.

We are grounded and humbled by the people, the land and the ocean that surrounds us. We want to fit into that, and carve out a place for us within that. And we will continue to do that as long our customers let us.

Our packaging, brands, and beers reflect the thinking of always improving. We never expect to be perfect, and would never say we are better than another brewery. But what we would say is that we are different. And we embrace that. Because we believe that by always asking questions we will always improve — ourselves, our beer and our community. And that is what it’s all about.

Where Next?

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