Sombrio Citrus Session

Bright and citrusy, this fruity session ale will take you right to the beach, no matter the season.

124.2948° W

Lat. Long. Sombrio Beach Trailhead

Style:  Session Ale
Alcohol by volume:  4.0% ALC.VOL
IBU:  36
SRM: 4.5
Availability: Year-round
Formats:  6 x 355ml cans, VI Mix Pack, 20L & 50L kegs
Ingredients: Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast and citrus peel
Malt:  Superior Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Crystal
Hops: Centennial, Citra, Idaho 7
Aroma: Moderate to high citrus note with a moderate citrus hop character to support. Low grain and a touch of crystal for malt
Appearance:  Pale gold with a slight haze. Large white head with moderate retention
Flavour: Medium citrus hop flavour. Medium to low bready malt with a touch of caramel. Balance is moderately bitter but the finish is clean and citrusy
Mouthfeel: Medium to light body with medium carbonation

Sombrio Beach is situated along remote Highway 14, part of the Pacific Marine Circle Route. The spot still retains the same wild splendour that first attracted surfers and a community of laidback squatters to it in the 1960s. It’s the quintessential Pacific North West, locals only, surf location

Sombrio Beach Trailhead

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