Juan De Fuca Cerveza

A craft take on a Mexican classic. This light and crisp artisanal cerveza was designed to explore new territories.

48.4084° N
124.2265° W

Lat. Long. Strait of Juan De Fuca

Style: Mexican Lager
Alcohol by volume: 4.8% ALC.VOL
IBU: 19
SRM: 3
Availability: Year-round
Formats: 6 x 355ml cans (private stores), 12 x 355ml cans (exclusive to BC Liquor Stores), VI Mix Pack, 20L & 50L kegs
Ingredients: Water, barley, flaked maize, hops and yeast
Malt: Superior Pilsner, Vienna, Corn (Flaked)
Hops: Galena (60), Northern Brewer (15)
Aroma: Light grain and toasted corn. Low noble hop character
Appearance: A pale yellow and brilliantly clear liquid with a moderate white head and medium to low retention
Flavour: Moderate to low grainy malt with low corn and herbal hop notes. The falvour balance is malt forward and the finish is of crisp malt and corn
Mouthfeel: Medium to low body and medium-high carbonation

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail was originally part of a lifesaving trail that serviced this area, known at the time as the Graveyard of the Pacific. It has been upgraded and maintained over the years and is now a real popular 47 kilometre hiking trail, so get your gear on and start exploring.

Strait Of Juan De Fuca

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