Carmanah Ale

Piney and resinous, this Pacific Northwest amber ale’s flavour is as deep as a forest of sitka spruces.

48.6533° N
124.6385° W

Lat. Long. Carmanah Valley

Style: American Amber Ale
Alcohol by volume: 4.8% ALC.VOL
IBU: 31
Availability: Year-round
Formats: 6 x 341ml bottles, 50L keg
Ingredients: Water, barley, hops, and yeast
Malt: Superior Pilsner, Munich, RedX, Midnight Wheat, Crystal Rye
Hops: Chinook (15,0), Simcoe (15,0,FV), Northern Brewer (0)
Aroma: Medium woody and pine hop notes compliment a medium malty backbone
Appearance: Dark red with brilliant clarity. Medium sized off-white head
Flavour: Medium resinous hop flavour plays with the spicy rye malt and rich Munich malts. The medium to high bitterness leaves the beer with a slightly bitter balance. The clean finish is slightly toasted and hoppy
Mouthfeel: Medium body with medium carbonation.

The Carmanah Valley and its iconic Sitka spruces were saved from the “logger’s saw” with the creation of the Carmanah Provincial Park in 1990. The area is one huge rainforest, so pitch up a tent and lose yourself … not literally though, please.

Carmanah Valley

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