19 IPA

Tropical in taste with floral notes, this everyday IPA was made to accompany you on any adventure.

48.7530° N
125.2970° W

Lat. Long. Mount Washington

Style: IPA
Alcohol by volume: 4.8% ALC.VOL
IBU: 47
SRM: 5
Availability: Year-round
Formats: 6 x 355ml cans, VI Mix Pack, 50L kegs
Ingredients: Water, barley, hops and yeast
Malt: Superior Pilsner, Munich, Crystal, Cara-Pils
Hops: Chinook (60), Ahtanum (15), Amarillo (0,dry), Mosaic (0,dry), Citra (0,dry)
Aroma: High citrus and fruity hops. Low bready malt and esters
Appearance: Pale gold with a slight haze. Large white head with high retention
Flavour: Medium-high hop flavour with citrus and a fruity character. Medium to low bready malt with a touch of caramel. Balance is decidedly bitter and the finish is of lingering hops
Mouthfeel: Medium-full body with medium carbonation

Mount Washington Alpine Resort is an alpine skiing ski resort located on Mount Washington on the eastern edge of the Vancouver Island Ranges in British Columbia, Canada.

Mount Washington

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